2. Le 500 Ferranti were created taking inspiration from 500 Jolly Ghia, the most beautiful “spiaggina” of the century. The Jolly was commissioned to Ghia workshop

 by AW. Gianni Agnelli in 1960’s,

This new special 500 conquered Italians and went abroad, becoming in a short time the icon of the “bel Paese”. The aim of bringing the dult to live respecting the criteria of security and functionality and most of all maintaining the characteristics that made this car famous and coveted.

The characteristics that distinguish the 500 Ferranti from any other product is more or less similar to its craftsmanship that makes it unique and completely easy to customize, in choice of color, material and optional.



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The Ferranti family experience in the area of vintage cars comes from the inheriting of an        occupation passed on from generation to generation. Passion and professionalism since 1933, when   the first company F.lli Ferranti was given the honor to specially build a body for automobiles.


In the 1950’s Adriano Ferranti, son of one of the4 brothers having inherited the love for cars from his father, cultivated the passion for engines, became a racer for Lancia and later opened a second company.


His son Gian Nicola Ferranti is now the head of the Ferranti Factory’s and Art&Cars, two modern canters where with professionalism a careful activity of restoration is performed.

Today, together with is sons, he has decided to use the knowledge inherited in an original and ambitious project, a small craftsmanship production.



The Initial Cars, Le 500 Ferranti were created from different models among which were the D, the L, the R and the F.
 After the complete disassembly of the body and mechanical parts, the body id then cut. After wich a temporary frame is added to prevent any variations in the car’s original appearance.
Sandblasting, the necessary procedure for eliminating any rust residues.
Substitution of the main parts of body (FIAT original parts) the frontal parts, bumper, hood, platform, ,door sill, trunk, battery cover, tires and hubcaps.
Transformations of the body is realized in the re-enforcement of the sides with a 28mm steel tube and an addition of metal sheets to the internal and external walls.
Preparation and spraying.
After spraying, the entire mechanical parts are reassembled with original or restored parts and the total restoration of the electrical wiring and the substituting of the battery and worn out parts.
Preparation of the parts in steel inox and of the body with parts from FIAT (the Top-cover, Windscreen, Lighting system, Switches, Speedometer and Steering wheel). For internal parts: handmade wicker seats, flooring in teak and coating in coconut canvas are used.
top cover
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